Infrastructure for energy storage and distribution

Activities and Strategy


Rubis, formed in 1990, is an independent French operator specialising in three business areas:

  • The distribution of petroleum products (service station networks, commercial fuel oil, aviation fuel, LPG, bitumens, etc.), with operations in Europe, the Caribbean and Africa through our subsidiary Rubis Énergie;
  • Support and services, alongside our downstream petroleum products distribution activity, with a midstream position, grouping together refining, trading-supply and shipping operations;
  • Storage through our subsidiary Rubis Terminal, providing storage of liquid products for our customers (petroleum, chemical and agri-food products). Rubis Terminal is a leader in France and also holds operations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey.
Group business model as of December 31, 2019


The strength of our business model is derived from a unique combination of factors:

  • A strategic position through both geographical and product diversification;
  • The macroeconomic environment, with little exposure to the economic cycle (sale / distribution of essential goods or services);
  • A sound financial position with well-controlled debt, surplus cash flow and a steadily increasing dividend that offers a sizeable yield;
  • And a decentralized system that promotes short channels and encourages local managers to work with autonomy.
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