Infrastructure for energy storage and distribution

Activities and Strategy

The Group has its roots in the acquisitions of 2 French operators, Compagnie Parisienne des Asphaltes (bulk liquid storage) in 1993 and Vitogaz (LPG distribution) in 1994. By guaranteeing sound management, strategy and financial resources, Rubis turned these 2 regional family-owned SMEs into structured international business units at the forefront of their respective market segments.

The 2 business lines share niche characteristics, generate surplus cash flows and have limited exposure to the business cycle. Rubis aims to operate in areas where it is both the market leader and can count on strong growth potential.

After more than 20 years of growth
and acquisitions, Rubis today comprises 3 divisions:

Rubis Terminal

Rubis Terminal leases storage capacity to a diversified base of industrial customers.

In a business where value is derived from the location of storage sites, Rubis Terminal has developed operations in areas able to capture growing import and export flows of liquid products. Its business, dominated by petroleum products (79% of flows), also includes chemicals (9%), fertilizers (7%), edible oils and molasses (5%). Imbalances between supply and local storage demand dictate where Rubis Terminal decides to establish operations.

The development strategy adapts to and takes shape in line with local needs.

Rubis Énergie

Initially specialized in LPG distribution, Rubis Énergie has expanded its distribution business to cover all petroleum products: gas stations, commercial heating oil, aviation and marine fuel, lubricants, bitumen, etc.

From LPG to fuel oils, fuels and bitumen, Rubis Énergie’s development – in terms of both the expansion of its product range and the extension of its geographical footprint (Europe, the Caribbean and Africa) – has gathered pace since 2010, thanks chiefly to acquisition opportunities offered by divestments by major oil companies in downstream oil activities.

The development strategy is that of a multi-local niche operator with powerful, independent local supply logistics in markets where resources are structurally imported.

After 20 years of development combining direct operations, organic growth and acquisitions, Rubis Énergie has become a “specialist” in the distribution and marketing of petroleum products, boasting leading positions in some 35 countries.

Rubis Support et Services

In support of its downstream petroleum products distribution business, Rubis has developed a “midstream” position in refining (Caribbean), in trading-supply (Caribbean, Barbados, Africa, Indian Ocean) and the support-logistics business that includes the shipping activity, storage and pipelines in Madagascar. This division, structured as an autonomous profit center, operates chiefly in the Caribbean and Africa. It consists of refining and transport assets, as well as expertise in trading and services.